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Valence Receives ABS Type Approval

04 Dec 2015 - Valence,ABS
ValenceValence Technology has received American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approval for its U-Charge XP lithium ion batteries and battery management system. This designation indicates that the battery modules and the BMS systems are suitable for marine and offshore applications as well as for power supply/power distribution.

Since its inception in 1862, ABS has been a global leader in marine safety. With nearly 4,000 technical professionals positioned around the world, the ABS team has the experience, knowledge and professional judgment to assist members and clients in developing their marine projects.

"We are pleased to announce Type Approval by ABS of Valence's U-Charge XP product line," commented Paul Krueger vice president of engineering at Valence. "The marine market is an important sector for Valence. This approval demonstrates the suitability of our technology for marine applications, and provides assurance of our product safety.  Along with our recent certification by DNV-GL, this shows our commitment to and product fit for the marine market."

Valence produces a range of safe, proven lithium ion battery modules that can be scaled to any capacity and up to 800v using a Valence proprietary Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS provides balancing control while providing a communication interface via CANBus to the outside world from the Valence modules. A Master Battery Server (MBS) can also be used in systems where redundancy is desired or a specific communications protocol, such as ModBus, SMBus or other CANBus derivative, if required by the vessel. The ABS Type approval provides additional assurance of using Valence products in challenging marine environments.