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The Acer X Terran Is Coming

04 Nov 2015 - Acer,X Terran
While Acer has long been associated with consumer electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as other similar items, this will soon change. In a bid to expand its horizons, Acer has quietly introduced its very own all-terrain vehicle dubbed the X Terran.

The prototype of the X Terran, which runs on electricity, was seen last week at the eCarTech conference in Munich. The three-day event was held from Oct. 20 to 22.

The company, however, did not go into details about this electric ATV. A few of the eATV's images have likewise surfaced just recently.

"The eATV 'X Terran' is designed by Studio X-Gene, and utilizes MPS Energy’s BMS (battery management system) technology, demonstrating Acer BYOC’s (Build Your Own Cloud) latest research and development efforts in the connected car field," says Acer in a press release.

Acer X terranThe eATV touts 256 industry-standard 18,650 lithium-ion batteries, which offer 8.7 kWh of power.

The X Terran is deemed as the very first project produced by Acer's subsidiary MPS Energy. Back in July, Acer created MPS Energy as part of the company's "foray into the vehicle electricity and mobile power field."

Acer likewise says it is devoting its resources in an aim to come up with a BMS solution for smart vehicles which center on green as well as connected car technology.

The BMS technology was specially built to be waterproof, and can sustain various weather as well as humidity conditions.

In the meantime, Acer has teamed up with an indie design company, the Taiwan-based Studio X-Gene, which specializes in vehicle engineering and styling.

Acer's major contribution to the X Terran was the battery management technology as well as the motherboard.

The company has yet to reveal the price and the launch date for its X Terran.