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UFO Energy Souce Receives First UL 2271 Listing For Self Balance Scooter Lithium-Ion Battery

25 May 2016 - UFO Energy Souce,UL 2271

ULUL, the global independent safety science company, provided the UFO Energy Source Battery Technology Co., Ltd with its first UL 2271 listing. UFO’s Self Balance Scooter lithium battery pack was the product listed.

With the safety and reliability of self-balancing scooter battery packs in doubt, UFO Energy Source’s commitment to quality and safety was recently acknowledged by a reputable safety science researcher. UFO’s Self Balance Scooter lithium battery pack, whose high performance and record of durability defy all doubts being raised about similar products, was given a UL 2271 listing.

UFO Energy Source made certain to manufacture their scooter battery packs according to the UL 2271 standards, and the product is set to hit the open market in June.

UL 2271 certifications require two main safety aspects for battery packs that helped to set aside the UFO product from its competition: multiple layers of protection, and successful short circuit testing.

The battery packs have two built in shut down features to protect against fire and explosion. While the second layer of protection is too expensive for some manufacturers, UFO’s commitment to safety and quality ensured that both were incorporated.

The UFO Energy Source battery pack also went through a rigorous short circuit test designed by UL. All cylindrical 18650 battery cells used in self balance battery packs need to come in lower than 20 milliohms of resistance to be deemed safe by UL. The test measures the level of resistance between two points in a conductor, and the higher the number, the hotter the battery pack is prone to get.

Despite the fact that most other self-balancing battery packs on the market have been suspended by retailers such as Amazon due to safety concerns, UFO Energy Source’s battery pack is set to enter the market strong with this prestigious safety rating.

About UFO Energy Source Battery Technology Co.,Ltd

UFO Source Energy Battery Technology is a lithium battery manufacturer located in South China. The company is dedicated to the design, production and marketing of two types oflithium polymer batteries: the RC Li-Po battery and the LiFePO4 battery.Both batteries are used in a wide variety of products, such as mobile phones, GPS, laptops, vacuum cleaners, aero models, e-bikes, electric fork trucks and golf carts.